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Michael Williams - Other Textile Items

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Skein Winder
This is a 4 paddle winder, producing a skein 2 Metres in circumference. It is made of maple throughout. Click on the image to the left for more details and images.

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Naalbinding Needles
Measuring 110mm x 10mm x 4.5mm with a long rectangular eye. Eye measures 14mm x 4 mm. Very smooth with no sharp edges.

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Shawl Pin
Wooden pin for fastening a shawl or wrap. The 'pin' is 13 cm long and 5mm in diameter, tapering to a point. It has a wooden 'washer' to keep it in place in the shawl. The knobs illustrated are thistle shaped and oval, but I am happy to work to your own design. Made from various combinations of hardwood.

click here for a larger image Wing-nut Spanner
Adjustable frames often come with wing-nuts. This little wooden tool helps you get extra purchase on the nut without hurting your hand.
             75 mm long

Inch Worms
Small, shaped wooden rectangle used to make calculating a 'wrap' easier.
This is a multiple measure consisting of an inch, a centimetre and two centimetres (centiworm)

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Prodder (or Progger)
A simple tool for rug making. Fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. Made of hard, dense wood.

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Short Prodder (or Progger)
This short prodder has a blunt point so that the work is not stabbed. It is made of hard wood and the handle is a lovely fit for the hand.
(95 mm end to end )

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Couronne stick
Used in needlelace to form a buttonhole ring. Precisely turned from maple in 3 sizes:

small: diameters 3mm to 10.5 mm   in steps of 1.5mm; length 11 cm
medium: diameters 12mm to 19.5mm  in steps of 1.5mm; length 11cm
large: diameters 21mm to 30 mm in steps of 1.5 mm; length 12.5 cm

I can make larger sizes on request.

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Felting Needle Holder
A turned wooden holder which will take up to 3 felting needles "in line" as requested by customers. Designed to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. (Felting needles not supplied)